Group Request

Since we are experiencing a high volume of advertisers that want to promote their websites in our group, we had to add some rules in order to take care of spam, fake profiles, fake news and stuff suchlike, that might reduce the reputation of our group.

In order to become a verified member of “President Trump” group, first of all you need to be verified by some of our admins. The verification goes through the form underneath this paragraph and it takes approximately 1-2 business days. Before filling out the form, please carefully read the “Posting Rules” and “Verification Requirements”.

Posting Rules

  • Your content must be unique and relevant.
  • No fake news allowed
  • You are limited to 3 posts per day. (Choose your posts carefully)
  • Posts that are against president Donald Trump are not allowed, since we are Trump Supporting group.

NOTE: Breaking these rules will lead to a permanent ban from group on all of your profiles.

Verification Requirements

In order to become verified member of this group, please provide us the following.

  • Scan of your Government issued ID Card, Driving License or Passport
  • State a reason why would you like to join our group.
  • Are you in this group because you support Trump or just for content marketing (both are acceptable)

Because of Facebook profile violations, many of the members have been creating a fake profiles and lead both the publishers and advertisers to a lower reputation. By providing us the details listed above, you are verifying that you are a real person and you’re not going to reduce the group’s reputation. Even after verification process completes successfully, every post sent to this group will be carefully reviewed. Even one mistake will be considered as “Bad Post” which will be denied.

To upload your scanned documents use any image hosting websites such as: Imgur, ImgBox, TinyPic and so on.



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